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Editorial Guidelines

Acadiensis promotes the study of the history of Atlantic Canada, broadly defined to include the territory of Canada's four Atlantic Provinces, northern New England, the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the North Atlantic. Articles are published in either English or French.


Manuscripts submitted must be original, previously unpublished studies. Acadiensis policy asks for three double-blind peer review assessments for research essays and research notes.  Present and Past essays, forums and review essays undergo internal peer review within the editorial team. Reviews and review essays are normally commissioned by the Review Editor.


Manuscripts are to be typewritten, double-spaced, and up to 10,000 words in length (including footnotes and any supplementary materials such as tables). When preparing a manuscript for consideration, please remove the author's name from the title page. Authors are encouraged to use the Acadiensis style in their submissions; authors will have to convert their submissions to the house style if and when their submission is accepted for publication. Please download a copy of our in-house style guide.


Authors wishing to submit a manuscript to Acadiensis are encouraged to do so through the Acadiensis Open Journal System (OJS) site.

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