Jacobina Campbell's Diary, 1825-1843 
Edited and Introduced by D. Murray Young 
and Gail G. Campbell
252 pp. $19.95 paper

Land and Sea: 
Environmental History in Atlantic Canada

Edited by Claire Campbell
and Robert Summerby-Murray
320 pp. $29.95

The Education of an Innocent:

An Autobiography E.R. "Ernie" Forbes

142 pp. $14.95

The Nova Scotia Planters in the Atlantic World, 

Edited by T. Stephen Henderson
and Wendy G. Robicheau 
336 pp. $24.95

Making up the State:

Women in 20th-Century Atlantic Canada

Edited by Janet Guildford & Suzanne Morton

326 pp. $34.95

Planter Links:
Community and Culture in Colonial Nova Scotia

Edited by
Margaret Conrad and Barry Moody
236 pp. $21.95

Pursuing Equality:

Historical Perspectives on Women in Newfoundland & Labrador
Edited by Linda Kealey
309 pp. $9.95

Labour and Working-Class History in Atlantic Canada: A Reader
Edited by

David Frank & Gregory S. Kealey
439 pp. $9.95

Industrialization and Underdevelopment 
in the Maritimes, 1880-1930

T.W. Acheson, David Frank and James D. Frost
96 pp. $4.95

Making Adjustments: 
Change and Continuity in Planter Nova Scotia,

Edited by Margaret Conrad
280 pp. $9.95

Profiles of Science and Society 
in the Maritimes prior to 1914

Edited by Paul A. Bogaard
283 pp. $15.95

Myth and Milieu: 
Atlantic Literature and Culture 1918-1939

Edited by Gwendolyn Davies
225 pp. $16.95

Teaching Maritime Studies
Edited by Phillip Buckner
299 pp. $19.95

The Island:
New Perspectives on Cape Breton's History 1713-1990

Edited by Kenneth Donovan
320 pp. $19.95

People, Resources, and Power: 
Critical Perspectives on Underdevelopment and 
Primary Industries in the Atlantic Region.

Edited by Gary Burrill 
and Ian McKay
201 pp. $16.95

Workers and the State in Twentieth Century Nova Scotia
Edited by Michael Earle
260 pp. $19.95

Beyond Anger and Longing: 
Community and Development 
in Atlantic Canada

Edited by Berkeley Fleming
120 pp. $8.95

Challenging the

Regional Stereotype: 
Essays on the 20th Century Maritimes

Ernest R. Forbes
220 pp. $17.95

Separate Spheres: 
Women's Worlds in the 
19th-Century Maritimes

Edited by Janet Guildford 
and Suzanne Morton
250 pp. $9.95

Studies in Maritime Literary History, 1760-1930
Gwendolyn Davies
206 pp. $16.95

The Northeastern Borderlands:
Four Centuries of Interaction

Edited by Stephen J. Hornsby, Victor A. Konrad 
and James J. Herlan
160 pp. $10.95

Jack Tar in History: 
Essays in the History of Maritime Life and Labour

Edited by Colin Howell and Richard J. Twomey
275 pp. $21.95

"Red Line": 
The Chronicle Herald and 
The Mail Star 1875-1954

William March
415 pp. $9.95

In Search of the Highlands:
Mapping the Canada- Maine Boundary, 1839

Edited by Alec McEwen
120 pp. $14.95

For a Working Class Culture in Canada: 
A Selection of Colin McKay's Writings on Sociology and political Economy, 1897- 1939

Edited by Ian McKay
600 pp. $29.95

Time and Place: 
The Life and Works of Thomas H. Raddall

Edited by Alan R. Young
200 pp. $16.95

The Atlantic Provinces in Confederation
Edited by E.R. Forbes and D.A. Muise
600 pp. $31.95

The Atlantic Region to Confederation: 
a History

Edited by Phillip A. Buckner and John G. Reid
491 pp. $29.95

Atlantic Canada Before Confederation The Acadiensis Reader: Volume One 
Third Edition

Edited by P.A. Buckner, 
Gail G. Campbell
and David Frank
385 pp. $9.95

Atlantic Canada After Confederation The Acadiensis Reader: 
Volume Two 
Third Edition

Edited by P.A. Buckner, 
Gail G. Campbell 
and David Frank
460 pp. $9.95

The Prince Edward Island 
Land Commission of 1860

Edited by Ian Ross Robertson
214 pp. $16.95

Four Years with the Demon Rum, 1925-1929
Clifford Rose

Edited by E.R. Forbes and

A.A. MacKenzie
84 pp. $6.95

Contested Countryside: 
Rural Workers and Modern Society in Atlantic Canada,

Edited by Daniel Samson
280 pp. $19.95

Trouble in the Woods: 
Forest Policy and Social Conflict in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Edited by L. Anders Sandberg
275 pp. $19.95

The Economic History of the Maritime Provinces
S.A. Saunders 
Introduction by

T.W. Acheson
139 pp. $12.95

A Man for Two Peoples:
Pierre- Amand Landry

Della M.M. Stanley
275 pp. $16.95

Au service de deux peuples: 
Pierre-Amand Landry

Della M.M. Stanley
275 pp. $16.95

Farm, Factory and Fortune: 
New Studies in the Economic History of the Maritime Provinces

Edited by Kris Inwood
288 pp. $19.95

The University of New Brunswick Memorial Volume
Edited by Alfred G. Bailey
125 pp. $16.95

The Letters of James and Ellen Robb:
Portrait of a Fredericton Family in Early Victorian Times

Edited by Alfred G. Bailey
173 pp. $24.95

The Judges of New Brunswick 
and Their Times

Joseph Wilson Lawrence
552 pp. $45.00

Merchant Credit and Labour Strategies in Historical Perspective
Edited by Rosemary E. Ommer
375 pp. $39.95

A Guide to Health Care History Materials in

New Brunswick
Compiled by Gillian Liebenberg
and Arlee Hoyt McGee
89 pp. $14.95

New Brunswick Schools:
A Guide to Archival Sources

Compiled by Diana Moore and 
Andrea Schwenke
148 pp. $9.95

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