Editorial Advisory Board

Jerry Bannister, Dalhousie University


P.A. Buckner, University of New Brunswick


Sean Cadigan, Memorial University of Newfoundland


Béatrice Craig, Université d'Ottawa


James L. Kenny, Royal Military Colllege of Canada


Phyllis E. LeBlanc, Université de Moncton


Edward MacDonald, University of Prince Edward Island


Heidi MacDonald, University of Lethbridge


Ian McKay, Queen's University


D.A. Muise, Carleton University


Rosemary Ommer, University of Victoria


Pamela D. Palmater, Ryerson University


Peter Twohig, Saint Mary's University


Jeff Webb, Memorial University of Newfoundland


Harvey Amani Whitfield, The University of Vermont


Graeme Wynn, University of British Columbia



The Editorial Advisory Board for Acadiensis is elected by the Acadiensis Board to assist the Co-editors in obtaining and evaluating submissions and in promoting the Journal.


Advisory Board members are elected for five year terms.

Terms are renewable.

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