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The David Alexander Prize


The David Alexander Prize is awarded annually for the best essay on the history of Atlantic Canada written in a course by an undergraduate student in any university. The amount of the prize is currently set at $500.



  • Entries must be undergraduate essays between 1500 and 5000 words in length on some aspect of the history of Atlantic Canada, written in English or French.


  • They may be research, interpretive, or historiographical efforts.


  • The author must be part-time or full-time undergraduate student in a degree program at an accredited university or college and the essay must have been written to meet the requirement of an undergraduate credit course during the respective academic year.


  • Previous winners of the Prize may not compete.

Submissions: Entries shall be submitted by course instructors by June 30th. No instructor shall submit more than two entries. Essays should not bear the instructor's comments or a grade. Entries may be sent as an electronic copy or a printed copy.


Adjudication: Entries will be judged by a panel of three distinguished historians. The winner will be announced in the autumn of each year. No runners-up or honorary mentions will be designated.


Entries may be submitted by email attachment to, or by post to:

Alexander Prize Committee

c/o Acadiensis

Campus House, University of New Brunswick

PO Box 4400, Fredericton, NB   E3B 5A3



1982         Ellen Joyce Hambrook, University of New Brunswick

1983         Geoffrey Budden, Memorial University of Newfoundland

1984         Rusty Bittermann, University College of Cape Breton

1985         Rusty Bittermann, University College of Cape Breton

1986         not awarded

1987         Robert Hong, Memorial University of Newfoundland

1988         Janice Cook, University of New Brunswick

1989         not awarded

1990         James E.A. Stanley, University of New Brunswick

1991         Phillippe Garvie, Université de Moncton

1992         Michael O'Brien, Memorial University of Newfoundland

1993         Paula C. Harris, University of New Brunswick

1994         not awarded

1995         A. Geoff Pearcey, Memorial University of Newfoundland

1996         Ellen Thorne, University of New Brunswick

1997         Kurt Peacock, University of New Brunswick

1998         Jennifer Rogers, Dalhousie University

1999         Callum Makkai, Dalhousie University

2000         Liza Piper, Memorial University of Newfoundland

2001         Lorna Williams, St. Thomas University

2002         Sharon Weaver, University of New Brunswick

2003         not awarded

2004         Shawna Stairs, University of New Brunswick

2005         Haydn Lloyd, University of Western Ontario

2006         Blake Laven, Dalhousie University

2007         Siobhan Laskey, University of New Brunswick

2008         Fred Burrill, McGill University

2009         Matt Cook, Cape Breton University

2010         Alexandra Montgomery, Dalhousie University

2011         not awarded

2012         Anna A. MacNeil, Cape Breton University

2013         Andrew Harmes, Dalhousie University; 
                 Matthew Verge, Mount Saint Vincent University

2014         Hillary MacKinlay, Dalhousie University

2015         Joseph Burton, University of New Brunswick

2016         Vincent Auffrey, Université de Moncton

2017         not awarded

2018         Meredith J. Batt,  Université de Moncton

2019         James Lees, Dalhousie University

2020         Zacharie Collins, Université de Moncton

2021         Thomas Chassé, Université de Moncton

2022         Dallas Karonhia'no:ron Canady, McGill University

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