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One of Canada's leading scholarly journals, Acadiensis is devoted to studying the history of the Atlantic region and remains the essential source for reading and research in this area.

Research Articles present original research by scholars in regional studies, including history, geography, political science, folklore, literature, sociology, economics, and other areas.

Research Notes & Documents offer insights into new sources and neglected areas of investigation.

Present & Past Essays take up issues of contemporary concern and offer critical insight from a historical perspective.

Review Essays focus on recent publications and major issues in Canadian and Atlantic Region studies.

Forums present discussions by scholars who approach a common subject from differing perspectives.

Historiographic Commentaries provide scholarly reflections on important historiographic issues.

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Acadiensis currently publishes two issues per year, a Winter-Spring issue and a Summer-Autumn issue. We accept submissions in English or French. We also publish book titles under the imprint of Acadiensis Press.

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Histories of the Journal


P.A. Buckner, “Acadiensis II,” Acadiensis,

I, no. 1 (Autumn 1971), 3-9.

David Frank, “Acadiensis, 1901-1999,” presentation to the Organization of American Historians Annual Meeting, Toronto, 1999.

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